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Amaize™ sweet corn is the “Best Corn You’ll Ever Eat!”
Launched in 2011 in the United States, consumers agree that Amaize™ is exceptional.

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Amaize Sweet Corn on AM Buffalo!


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) - Amaize is a natural breed of sweet corn noted for its delicious taste, crunchy texture and incredible sweetness. It was bred by George Crookman, also known as "The Colonel of Corn." Amaize can be purchased locally in Buffalo, NY area at Tops Friendly Markets. Watch Video >

Shrimp, Corn and Avocado Salad with Basil Vinaigrette


A delicious recipe using Amaize sweet corn! Shrimp, Corn and Avocado Summer Salad >

Corn and Zucchini Frittata Recipe - Amaize Sweet Corn


The texture and flavor of Amaize sweet corn is the perfect contrast against the savory and soft backdrop of this frittata recipe. Corn and Zucchini Frittata >

'The Colonel Of Corn' Talks Amaize, A New Variety Of Sweet Corn


A rare and hard to find variety of sweet corn will soon be available here in the Twin Cities. It's called Amaize and joining us this morning is George Crookham "the Colonel of Corn" to tell us more about it. Watch Video >

The Colonel of Corn Shares Tips on How to Properly Cook Corn


CEO George Crookham, the “Colonel of Corn," joined us on KARE11 News @ 4 to share some tips on how to shuck and cook corn to its full advantage. Watch Video >

Amaize sweet corn receives "Amaize'ing" review by supermarket guru


Amaize sweet corn was recently reviewed by Supermarket Guru® Phil Lempert in his Pick of the Week segment and verified as a “Hit.” Lempert exclaimed that Amaize sweet corn is “the best I have had that didn’t come right off the stalk” and “the mouthfeel of the kernels is crunchy, almost pops, and the texture sets it apart when grilling.” The full review can be seen here. Amaize sweet corn receives "Amaize'ing" review by supermarket guru >

Amaize Sweet Corn is MY PICK OF THE WEEK!


I just love corn on the cob and wait for it every summer. This corn is the best I have had that didn't come right off the stalk. It is a special variety - non GMO - that is grown along the Snake River in Idaho. Sweet corn is different. It's more than sweet. The mouthfeel of the kernels is crunchy, almost pops, and the texture sets it apart when grilling. The kernels are huge. Amaize Sweet Corn is MY PICK OF THE WEEK! >

Mexican Street Corn Ice Cream


With the success of our Nebraskan cocktail we wondered if we could figure out another tasty treat using the wonderful sweet corn we received from the folks at Amaize Sweet Corn. One of our favorite ways to enjoy a summer night is to have a BBQ by the pool with some delicious fresh sweet corn on the cob and finish up the night with a cold bowl of ice cream. We thought about these great evenings and wondered if we could combine two of our favorites into a delicious savory sweet corn ice cream. Mexican Street Corn Ice Cream >

Grilled Corn, Four Ways


Grilled corn is a summer staple in our kitchen. You’ll love these four variations – garlic browned butter, curry yogurt, sriracha lime and miso Grilled Corn, Four ways >

Amaize Cabbage Slaw


I love a good slaw & adding in some fresh corn & herbs makes it extra special! I used cilantro in this round of slaw, but dill would certainly be dill-icious too. Amaize Cabbage Slaw >

Amaize-ing Mango Salsa


It’s salsa season! Fresh ingredients are readily available & I had a couple of ripe mango in my fruit bowl, so I couldn’t wait to whip up some amaize-ing mango salsa with this gorgeous white sweet corn I got. This corn is to live for–it’s so sweet & crunchy & tastes so darn good as is–there is no need to cook it at all! And this salsa is great on anything … salads, corn chips, jicama chips, collard wraps, or just by the spoon full. Amaize-ing Mango Salsa >

Amaize Sweet Corn-Truly The Best Corn Ever!


It's summertime and we are all about the summer veggies. One of our favorites is the classic, fresh corn on the cob. I was watching a segment on a health-related news show a while back and was blown away to find out that close to 90% of our corn is genetically modified. I find that really scary to say that corn is such a common go-to vegetable for families. I was thrilled to be introduced to Amaize sweet corn. Amaize sweet corn is bred using traditional methods through hybridization and is not genetically modified. Amaize is grown locally using conventional farming methods. Amaize Sweet Corn-Truly The Best Corn Ever! >

Amaize Sweet Corn, Pesto and Sausage Pizza


Being from the Midwest, both of us grew up with corn being a major part of our summer, picking corn from our gardens or stopping by the farm stand before dinner. Both of us have memories of sitting out on the deck shucking corn and looking forward to chomping down a bunch of cobs around the dinner table. When we were asked by the folks at Amaize Sweet Corn to try out a couple of ears of their sweet corn and develop a recipe using the Amaize Sweet Corn, we figured we would give it a shot and see how it compared to the stuff that we grew up with. Amaize Sweet Corn, Pesto and Sausage Pizza >

summer is for corn


I was recently contacted by Amaize sweet corn to try out their naturally grown white corn and I was so excited because we are big fans of corn and I like that it's non-GMO plus corn is kind of a summer meal staple around here - so obviously I said yes. They sent over about 9 ears and we tried it a few different ways to really test it out. summer is for corn >

US: Amaize Sweet Corn Returns to Supermarket Shelves


Amaize™ Sweet Corn (Amaize), a rare white sweet corn known for its incredible sweetness and perfect crunch, returns for a limited time exclusively at select retailers across the U.S. US: Amaize Sweet Corn Returns to Supermarket Shelves >

Amaize Sweet Corn Returns


Caldwell, Idaho-based Crookham Co. is bringing back Amaize, a white sweet corn, to the U.S. this summer. Read More >

Not all Ears are the Same


When George Crookham and Bruce Hobdey began growing corn along the Snake River in Idaho, they knew they wanted to create the perfect ear of corn. Read More >

Annual Chuckwagon dinner is staple of Caldwell Night Rodeo


Nearly 3,000 people are expected to chow down on upwards of 10,000 ears of corn in four days this week. Read More >

Truly “Amaizing” Corn

August 2014

In our quest for the best, we believe we have found the perfect sweet corn for you to enjoy this summer. Read More >

Amaize-ing butter recipes for corn


Starting in late July, a rare breed of Non-GMO Sweet Corn known as Amaize Sweet Corn will be available in the Twin Cities. Watch >

Amaize Sweet Corn – An Amazing Addition to your Meal!


Some people may be getting ready for Back to School, but I’m still enjoying summer. Read More >

Super-sweet Amaize corn comes to Sacramento markets


Amaize super-sweet white corn is grown in Dixon. It’s is a new breed of non-GMO white corn with a unique crunch. Read More >

Introducing Amaize Sweet White Corn


Way back in the last century, a couple of clever farmers thought they could outwit Mother Nature. Read More >

Fire Roasted Corn on the Cob with Amaize Corn


When I received a box of Amaize, a sweet corn, right before heading out camping I knew that I wanted to try roasting it over a fire. Read More >

4 'Amaize' sweet corn sauces


Lunds and Byerly's Executive Chef Peter Kuhr shares 4 simple, tasty sauces to top Amaize Sweet Corn. Watch >

Grilled Amaize Sweet Corn Guacamole


When I got this corn, the first thing I had to do was grill this corn (of course). Read More >

Mexican Elotes Salad with Amaize Sweet Corn


So when I first heard of Amaize Sweet Corn, it immediately earned a special place in my heart. Amaze. Maize. Read More >

Deliciously Sweet & Crunchy Amaize Sweet Corn


Yes of course you can season it differently but for the most part natural corn all tastes the same to me. Well that was until I had Amaize Sweet Corn. Read More >

How to cook Amaize Sweet Corn on the BBQ


When it comes to barbecuing corn, I prefer the foil method. Read More >

Amaize Sweet Corn


Some of my fondest childhood summer memories were my car drives with Mom on late August afternoons. Read More >

Amaize Sweet Corn


The pun (and the notion of name-brand vegetables) may be hard to stomach, but this corn isn’t. Amaize, a new variety of sweet corn from Lunds and Byerly’s, has been 40 years in the works, and it’s arrived just in time for summer. Read More >

What's cooking: Ribs, sweet corn, hot sauce and olive oil


Amaize sweet corn, a super-crisp variety of non-GMO white corn that made a splash last summer, is back this month, exclusively at Lunds and Byerly’s stores. Read More >

90% of corn is GMO – what about sweet corn?


My digging led me to one strain of corn that is guaranteed to be non-GMO, and is sold in Canada! It’s called Amaize Sweet Corn. Read More >

This Corn is Amaizing! Amaize Sweet Corn Product Review


Amaize is definitely a fine tasting corn. It is crisp, and super sweet. Read More >

Amaize Sweet Corn


In addition to being sweet enough to eat right off the stalk, the unique taste and texture of each kernel adds a little something special to dishes like sweet corn soup. Read More >

Skillet Amaize Sweet Corn with Bacon

July 2014

This corn that I received is Amaize Sweet Corn and it is a naturally bred white corn with no GMOs. Read More >

Non-GMO Amaize Sweet Corn returning for limited time


Amaize Sweet Corn, a delicious rare variety of non-GMO sweet white corn, returns for a limited time. Read More >

Non-GMO Sweet Corn Returning for Limited Time


A variety of non-GMO sweet white corn is returning for a limited time. Read More >

This corn is Amaize-ing


Amaize sweet corn is back in produce departments across the country. Source: Produce Retailer >

This corn is Amaize-ing


Amaize sweet corn is back in produce departments across the country. Read More >

Extremely Rare Breed of Non-GMO Amaize Sweet Corn Returning for Limited Time


Naturally Bred Delicious Amaize Sweet Corn Available at Exclusive Retailers Nationwide Read More >

New Breed of Corn


It's a summer favorite, corn on the cob. Watch >

Weekly Wrap-Up; On The Go, Mostly


Amaize Sweet Corn is a rare bread of corn that is now available in select cities (including Buffalo). Read More >

Amaize Sweet Corn: Sweet, Crunchy Perfection


We’ve found the perfect fresh summer corn–Amaize Sweet Corn. Read More >

Amaizingly Sweet Corn


Summers in southern Louisiana bring the heat, humidity … Read More >

Amaize: Grown Right at Idaho's Blue Barn


The sun creeps across vast Caldwell fields as young green plants uncurl and reach for warmth, unaware of mounting anticipation over their very existence. Read More >

Zesty Summer Corn Salad...Featuring Amaize Sweet Corn


Amaize creators George Crookham and Bruce Hobdey are bringing their sweet white corn to selected cities this Summer, including San Antonio! Read More >

Amaize Sweet Corn


A sweet corn that’s been in development since 1989. Read More >

Easy Mexican Corn Dip Recipe with Amaize Sweet Corn


With summer at it’s peak, I am thrilled to be seeing a vast array of seasonal produce arriving at the grocery store and farmer’s markets. Read More >

Cajun Cornmeal Chicken with Corn & Onions


Being a blogger has it’s perks every now and again. Yesterday it was getting a package of fresh corn. Read More >

Grab Some Amaize Sweet Corn At Publix


Head into Publix and pick up some of the best corn you will ever eat – Amaize Sweet Corn! Read More >

Who doesn’t love corn?


Amaize Sweet Corn is the result of 22 years of development and more than 10,000 variations tested. And it’s available for just one more week at local H-E-Bs. Read More >

Rare Amaize Sweet Corn Available For Limited Time


Amaize Sweet Corn is now available for a limited time. This deliciously rare variety of white sweet corn is a popular summer treat enjoyed by all ages. Read More >

Amaize sweetcorn is back in season


Amaize Sweet Corn, a unique variety of white sweet corn celebrated for its sweet taste and crunchy texture, is back in season after receiving phenomenal consumer response last year. Read More >

Amaize corn variety increasing sales


The Amaize sweet corn variety is enjoying increased demand as it begins its third year of shipments. Read More >

Ultra Rare Breed of Most Delicious Sweet Corn Available for Limited Time


Amaize Sweet Corn is now available for a limited time. This deliciously rare variety of white sweet corn is a popular summer treat enjoyed by all ages. Read More >

Raley's Exclusive White Sweet Corn


Greg Corrigan, Senior Director of Produce, highlights the company's exclusive white sweet corn, Amaize Sweet Corn. The unique variety is celebrated for its incredible sweet taste and crunchy texture, is back in season after receiving phenomenal consumer response. Read More >



Oh, my goodness. It took 20 years about 10,000 different cross variations using natural breeding. Source: Your Produce Man >

62nd annual Kiwanis Chuckwagon Dinner a Caldwell Night Rodeo hit


For the Caldwell Kiwanis Club, it’s the largest fundraiser of the year. For many local families, it’s an annual tradition during the Caldwell Night Rodeo. For others, it’s all about the corn. And this year the corn was “Amaizing." Read More >

Amaize Sweet Corn pops up exclusively at Tops


Amaize Sweet Corn, developed over 20 years by Crookham in Caldwell, Iowa, and grown by Eden Valley Growers in Eden, N.Y., is being sold exclusively at Tops Markets for about two weeks. Read More >

Amaize Sweet Corn Featured on "Good Day Sacramento"


Amaize Sweet Corn was featured on “Good Day Sacramento”, as Produce Man Michael Marks paid a visit to the Amaize cornfields on July 25th. Read More >

Caldwell seed producer introduces 'Amaiz-ing' corn


George Crookham thinks he has developed the best ear of corn you will ever eat. Source: Idaho Statesman >

Think Global—Eat Local Amaize Corn grown in Waterloo, Nebraska


It doesn’t get any closer to Omaha than Waterloo at the NW edge of Omaha. There they grow Amaize Sweet Corn. 100 years of cultivation--absolutely no GMO. Read More >

Dessert on a cob


Produce man Michael Marks joined us live where he stocked up on corn. Watch Video >

Produce Picks: Summer sweet corn


Northern California is home to some amazing corn -- Brentwood Platinum, Dixon Double Diamond. But after 10,000 variety variations, Idaho corn breeder George Crookham has come up with a new one that tastes so amazing, it's been dubbed Amaize. Read More >

It's a delicious time of year


Raley's has something called "Amaize" sweet white corn that they are selling for 3/99 cents. It's locally grown and looks like it's worth a try. Read More >

More growers to try Amaize sweet corn


An Idaho seed company expects growers to plant about 3,000 acres of its new sweet corn variety in 2012. Read More >

Amaize sweet corn completes a successful test season


After a successful introductory season, Crookham Company is looking toward 2012 for expansion of Amaize, the best eating sweet corn in the company’s 100-year history. Read More >

'Amaize' white sweet corn is dessert on a cob


Maybe we're too cynical. We rolled our eyes when the Idaho-based, sweet corn breeder and producer Crookham Company sent our office a few ears of "Amaize" sweet corn with a note claiming it's caused a taste-tester to propose marriage to farmers. Read More >

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